The folding box that combines Child Resistant and Tamper Evident features, for double protection.

Production of Medical Certified Packaging

IGB's Child Resistant and tamper Evident folding boxes combine the best of these two innovative safety features to offer customers maximum protection. This product has boosted the company’s reputation in the industry.

IGB's Child Resistant and Tamper Evident folding boxes are made according to the standards of BS EN ISO 8317, Directive 2011/62 /EU (Europe) and US16 cfr § 1700.20 (US). All Child Resistant folding boxes made by IGB are environmentally friendly, safe and easy to use. The concept aimed at offering a product that is extremely performing and cost effective.

The security mechanism of IGB's Child Resistant and Tamper Evident cartons is truly effective. The box can be opened with a special key similar to a credit card. If the key is lost, adults can easily open the folding box using any of the cards that they have in their pocket

IGB Tamper Evident and Child Resistant folding box has special features that guarantee double protections. It helps:

  • Protect children
  • Prevent tampering