Two state of the art production sites for the best packaging

IGB has offices in Milan and Varese, very close to Como Lake. In Viggiù, near Varese, the company's brand-new production site is more than 15,000 sqm. From 2019 the second branch is operational in Induno Olona and  covers an area of over 6,000 square meters.The plants have state-of-the-art equipment. The buildings are designed to achieve the best printing results and to make the most of natural light, relying on modern heating systems.

The buildings are also engineered to facilitate the specific workflow of graphic arts and converting processes.

Care, cleanliness and hygiene, required by the pharmaceutical business, are at the core of the plant management.

The innovative Formula D1NO approach allows to manage information and performance efficiently.

The sites are strategically placed: both close to the Swiss border and 30 minutes from the major pharmaceutical districts north of Milan. The plants are close enough to be easily managed and far enough for risk mitigation.

In 2020 IGB USA Corp. is established in New York, aimed at addressing the high request of innovative boxes from the United States.