IGB is very proud of its printing department: the four brand-new production lines and the highly skilled staff guarantee flexibility and high quality to customers.

IGB is a leading packaging design company specialised in the Industrial Packaging sector. Its areas of expertise include custom design, printing, and finishing of packaging for medicines and cosmetic products.

Printing presses are connected to the pre-press department and the integrated quality control systems: this allows to monitor every manufacturing stage. Accurate performance reports are then generated.

The workers’ know-how, together with the newest technology, ensure quality.
Ink tone accuracy is constantly checked through spectrophotometric measurements and tone reproduction is guaranteed by density readings over the whole printing process.
Nothing is left to chance.

The versatile presses can print using conventional, hybrid and UV inks. This allows IGB to print on virtually every support, always with the highest finishing and best quality.
The drying technology at IGB is unique: in order to avoid anti set-off powders, IGB developed an exclusive drying technology. As a result, the company has been able to print food-grade products in compliance with the strict requirements of the American FDA on pharmaceutical packaging.

100% printing quality management

All the printing lines are equipped with cameras, linked to spectrophotometers, that check 100% of the printed sheets and automatically fine-tune the color to achieve perfect color printing: the quality is not only controlled but also managed during printing.

This continuous quality checking, made by such spectrophotometers, allows very detailed reports about printing results and Delta E. This saves customers costs on in-coming quality control.