IGB's pre-press department is designed to integrate smoothly with customers’ technical offices and graphic design agencies.

IGB’s experienced and knowledgeable staff, some of whom has a graphic design background, assists customers in the graphic and technical development stages of pharmaceutical folding boxes.
This way, IGB is able to develop folding cartons with innovative structure, functionality and graphic layout allowing great flexibility and the possibility to customize every aspect of the layout: colors, artworks, text, shapes, braille text, according to the specific requirements.

IGB is committed to and complies with the highest standards when it comes to the production of folding boxes for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors, keeping up to date with laws, regulations, and the latest technological and IT innovations.
IGB's state of the art software, allows to read accurately every type of file received from clients and to return PDF files that clearly show the actual printing results to the customer.
The cutting-edge manufacturing structure, which includes cutting plotters, printers and computer to plate plotters (CTP), integrates and completes the dedicated software.

Quality from start to finish

Pre-press processes are automated and contribute to the final quality of the pharmaceutical boxes produced.

The pre-press servers are integrated with the company production flow so as to guarantee quick production start-ups and products that meet customers' specifications.

All this guarantees reliable printing which allows customers savings on quality control costs and prevents risks of withdrawal from the market of non-compliant products.