Plastic is a very big problem for our planet

Every year, Earth’s inhabitants produce over 35 million tons of plastic waste polluting the environment. These research data are published on the United States Environmental Protection Agency website.

Unfortunately, there is still no global regulation this issue. However, lawmakers around the world have finally begun to take action and, even if they are not yet fully coordinated, have officially launched a new era in the tackling of the problem.

Fortunately, more and more environmental movements are strongly calling for a globally coordinated solution to the problem.
Even private organizations have started caring more about the environmental impact of their processes and the products, sometimes voluntarily taking the existing regulations to the next step.


IGB has always had the environmental issues at its core

for over ten years has certified its processes to respect the environment, according to the ISO 14001 standards.
IGB can also supply products certified FSC - Forest Stewardship Council - which guarantee that the paper they are made of, is produced using wood from forests managed responsibly, according to strict environmental, social and economic standards.

The uniqueness of IGB lies in the tireless creativity of its Research and Development department which, in the last 5 years, has launched plastic-free products to meet the needs of IGB’s core market: the pharmaceutical sector.

All the tamper evident, child resistant, drop lock and vial holders product ranges are entirely made of cardboard and every year help prevent several tons of plastic from polluting our Planet.

Here are a few examples


The distinctive IGB’s plastic-free tamper evident packaging allows the complete elimination of plastic labels and hot glue from the packaging departments of pharmaceutical companies.


The Child Resistant solution, for the protection of children from accidental drug intoxication, is also made of paper.

The success of these products and their limited environmental impact have also attracted the interest of other production sectors such as perfumes and the mass retail market.


Multinational home care brands partner with IGB to avail of its environmentally-friendly packaging that also enhances their customers’ safety.
To address these specific needs, IGB has recently created the PODLOCK range which encompasses all the distinctive functions of IGB packaging (tamper evidence, child protection, preventing accidental dropping of the product through the bottom of the box), while being totally plastic free.
Specifically, PODLOCK is designed to meet the requirements of the CIC - Superior Child Impeding Closures established by A.I.S.E. – the International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products. This protocol defines the safety standards of reclosable hazardous liquid laundry detergent capsules packaging for children safety.
Over the next few years, these products will help save millions of tons of plastic.

protect children, respect the planet