production of packaging for medicines

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The pharmaceutical industry always faces internal and external challenges.

Internal challenges: Corporate Governance, upsizing and critical mass, innovation, financial markets, education and culture.

External challenges: laws and regulations compliance, research and innovation, incentives and changes in fiscal policies, education and culture.

This complex organization can never stop because of the enormous costs that would cause.

Outer packaging must guarantee business continuity and ease logistics

Pharmaceutical companies need folding cartons that provide:

  • Perfect machinability
  • Complete traceability
  • No mix-ups
  • Accurate management of print runs and reprints
  • Strict compliance with GMP and AQL

These folding cartons’ features are not obvious but they are taken for granted by the packaging departments of pharma companies.

These features are guaranteed by IGB.

No powder

In order to avoid using anti-set-off spray powders, IGB has developed exclusive powerful dryers. This means:

  • Clean and tidy equipment: without powder, the customer’s packaging lines keep clean, delivering flawless performance
  • No contamination: no powder contaminates pharmaceutical products