IGB has designed and patented an innovative drop-lock folding box.

IGB exclusively presents its drop-lock pharmaceutical folding boxes: after years of research and studies, the company has developed a range of cartons designed to prevent heavy products from falling through the bottom of the box.

IGB drop-lock pharmaceutical folding boxes are made of cardboard and therefore they are totally recyclable.

Like all other IGB products, the drop-lock folding cartons can be customized in every detail, their design is developed in collaboration with the customers, who can choose colors, graphics and format, before starting the production.

IGB drop-lock folding boxes are similar to standard folding boxes and do not require any special equipment, glueing nor stickers, keeping their costs affordable.

This product is safe and simple to use and it has been very successful in the pharmaceutical industry, confirming IGB's leadership in the field of pharmaceutical packaging innovation.

IGB has designed and patented an innovative drop-lock folding box that:

  • Prevents heavy products from dropping through the bottom of the box
  • Is suitable to standard packaging lines
  • Doesn’t require gluing nor special packaging machines
  • Works like a standard box
  • Is very strong
  • Is easy to recycle as is entirely made of cardboard
  • Can be FSC and PEFC certified