IGB created and patented an innovative folding box, entirely made of cardboard.

One of IGB's first projects has been a handy dispenser folding box. The IGB Dispenser folding box has a special mechanical system, made of cardboard, which makes it more hygienic than common dispensers. It looks like a regular candy box, but it’s equipped with a special button that releases one pill at a time.

The dispenser, entirely made of cardboard, is eco-friendly and easily recyclable and can be FSC and PEFC certified.

It’s an innovative solution that makes the consumer experience simple and fun, adding value to the products.

IGB Dispenser folding box:

  • Is innovative
  • Is simple and fun to use
  • Is more food-safe: consumers touch the only tablet they need
  • Can be mass produced and packaged
  • It’s easy to recycle as entirely made of cardboard
  • It can be FSC and PEFC certified