The founder: Dino Bressan

27-11-1944 | 25-01-2019

Dino Bressan was a Varese entrepreneur, founder and, until he became physically unable, the main leader of IGB.
Born in Cocquio Trevisago (VA, Italy) on 27 November 1944 from a very humble family of Paduan emigrants, fourth of five brothers, he started working when he was very young.
After suffering the hardships of the difficult post-war times, Dino Bressan, with courage, determination and entrepreneurial foresight, started and led his company to success.

The passion for his work, the technical competence and the total respect for the commitments made, earned him the unconditional respect of customers, suppliers and co-workers.


During the function, his closest collaborator, Sara Caverzasi, read the following message which we report here as testimony to the extraordinary nature of Dino Bressan.

"The silence in your office, the light is off, the calculator still shows the last calculations made in the beloved old Italian Lira, the glasses placed on the desk ... everything is left as you left it, almost waiting for you to come back.
We too remained waiting for you to return, we know that you fought with all your strength, but this time your determination, your tenacity, your perseverance were not enough.
You started from nothing and over the years, with so many sacrifices, you have built so much, you have been a great teacher for all of us and we will continue to work remembering the words that you always said "we need to work together, because the company is made of women and men, not machines" … .Thanks for all you taught us… goodbye big boss "

His example and teachings continue to be a benchmark also for his daughter and sons (Elisabetta, Alessio and Michel) who, with pride and competence, continue to lead IGB towards increasingly important successes.