This Code of Ethics constitutes the fundamental principles shared by all IGB Srl employees for the protection of the company's image and credibility and to guarantee responsible behaviour.
The formulation of a common Code of Ethics aims to encourage and guarantee responsible behaviour on the part of management and employees, as well as to protect IGB Srl and its employees from inappropriate behaviour that is not in line with the values of the company.
It is important to clearly articulate the principles, values and responsibilities that guide IGB Srl’s behaviour on the market, in relation to the communities in which it is commercially active, and in relation to individuals and all other persons involved.
IGB Srl’s employees are invited to respect the laws and regulations in force in the countries where IGB Srl operates and to adopt the ethical principles set forth here as their own.
The Code of Ethics is the tangible symbol of the responsibility that IGB Srl assumes towards its employees and all other people concerned: customers and consumers, suppliers and external workers, officials and government representatives, shareholders and investors.
IGB Srl's behavior complies with legal requirements, professional ethics and its internal guidelines. The pursuit of IGB Srl's interests does not justify any dishonest behavior or behavior that contravenes the principles set forth.

Ethical principles

Putting people first

By valuing people (whether or not they belong to the company), IGB Srl sees the expression and foundation of its culture and identity. IGB Srl encourages and supports human diversity in all its forms as an expression of richness and as a source of long-term development.
Awareness of and respect for the individual and the protection of a person’s physical and moral integrity are the fundamental values that guide IGB Srl's approach.

Protecting the integrity of the individual

IGB Srl gives great importance to the psychological well-being of its employees, in terms of working conditions that respect the dignity of the individual and on a working environment that encourages motivation and a sense of belonging. Requests that contravene the law, the Code of Ethics, the convictions or the moral or personal values of the individual are not tolerated, nor is the use of force or coercion to induce people to comply with such requests.

Equality and impartiality

Honesty and impartiality determine the conduct of IGB Srl. The aim is to encourage an open dialogue and to always seek a fair balance of the interests and legitimate expectations of all parties and people affected by its activities, in particular by ensuring that employees are remunerated in a way that is consistent with their role, skills and experience, that is appropriate to their interest in the business and cost of living, and that reflects the company's resources. Furthermore, IGB Srl treats all employees equally, irrespective of their gender, nationality and place of residence, religion and political opinions.

Developing its employees

IGB Srl recognises that its employees are the basis of its competitiveness and of its success. IGB Srl therefore invests on an ongoing basis in the development and further professional training of its employees, both in the operational/technical field and in management, with a focus on increasing the performance of its employees and their contribution to continued improvement.
IGB Srl recognises that its employees are the basis of its competitiveness and success. For this reason IGB Srl constantly invests in the development and continuous professional training of its employees, both in the operational/technical and management field, focusing on increasing the performance of its employees and their contribution to continuous improvement.

Correctness and transparency

IGB Srl is committed to clarity and transparency in communication with its employees in order to provide them with a full understanding of the circumstances in which they work.

Health and safety

Within the framework of the applicable provisions, IGB Srl guarantees the health, safety and physical integrity of its employees and consultants, as well as working conditions that respect the value of the individual and a safe and healthy workplace.
One of the most important aspects of IGB Srl’s business strategy is innovation aimed at the safety of the end- customer. IGB Srl always invests huge financial and human resources in research and development in order to create technologies that:

  • reduce the counterfeiting of medicines that have a negative impact on the citizens’ health. This is the case of the Tamper Evident folding box, developed in compliance with the Directive 2011/62 / EU. With its integrated cardboard seal, the reclosable Tamper Evident folding box irreversibly shows if it has been already opened.
  • reduce the risk of children being poisoned by drugs and poisonous products in their home thanks to the Child Resistant folding box whose effectiveness is certified by BS EN ISO 8317 for Europe and 16CFR 1700.20 for the US

Environmental protection

IGB Srl considers the environment as an essential asset. Its activities are guided by the principle of ensuring the best possible balance between commercial initiatives and environmental concerns in accordance with applicable law, but also by considerations of the sustainable use of natural resources.
IGB Srl is also pushing with its own product for a more sustainable use of materials, reducing the plastic consumption by offering an eco-friendly packaging. IGB Srl solutions are indeed entirely made of cardboard that can be FSC or PEFC certified.
The environmental commitment of IGB Srl is not intended to be applied only to the material used for the production of its folding boxes. The IGB Tamper Evident, compliant to the European plastic reduction directive 2019/904, allows IGB Srl’s customers to avoid the usage of glue, plastic stickers or plastic wrappings helping to reduce the amount of plastic around the world.

Relations with customers

IGB Srl works to be a competent and reliable partner.
In the execution of its activity, the Company pursues the objective of fully satisfying the customer's expectations.
In the relations with its customers, IGB Srl bases its behavior on the criteria of transparency, fairness, honesty, efficiency and professionalism and on the respect of the rules protecting fair competition.
The Company therefore requires that all relations and contacts with customers are built on the above principles.
IGB Srl expressly prohibits to encourage, carry out, tolerate corrupt practices, illegitimate favours, collusive behaviour, solicitations aimed at obtaining an order from an actual or potential customer.
In managing relations with customers, IGB Srl’s employees are required to provide accurate, truthful and exhaustive information about the products and services offered, so that the customer can take informed decisions.

Relations with business partners

In business relationships IGB Srl is inspired by the principles of loyalty, fairness, transparency, efficiency, respect for the law and the values expressed in the Code of Ethics and requires, also through specific contractual provisions, the same behaviour by all those with whom it has any kind of business and/or financial relationship.
In the selection of its suppliers, contractors and other business partners IGB Srl pursues the criteria of quality, convenience, capacity and efficiency, according to objective and transparent evaluation parameters, preferring those who have adopted policies to guarantee the ethicality of the conduct and business practices.
It is precluded the selection of suppliers on an exclusively subjective and personal basis or, in any case, by virtue of conflicting interests with those of the Company.
IGB Srl checks in advance the reliability, reputational profile and suitability of the persons with whom it intends to establish a professional or business relationship and, periodically, of those with whom it already has relations.
Relations with suppliers and business partners, in the pre-negotiation and execution phases, must be based on the principle of good contractual faith and mutual respect of the obligations undertaken.
IGB Srl expressly prohibits its employees from encouraging, carrying out or tolerating corrupt practices, illegitimate favours, collusive behaviour, solicitations aimed at obtaining an order from the Company.
IGB Srl checks the effectiveness of the services rendered by third parties in execution of the contracts stipulated, verifies the debt and fairness of the fees to be paid. In fact, only the services actually rendered are remunerated and the related fee must be reasonable and proportionate.

Complying with the Code of Ethics

Every employee or consultant of IGB Srl formally undertakes to observe this code and to actively implement it in their own everyday dealings and in carrying out their job.