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The Child Resistant Carton Packaging by IGBressan allows children to be protected easily and safely from accidental medicines intake as required by current European and American regulations

An example of a drug box that opens with a security key

An example of child resistant box for medicines

Certified packaging in the prevention of drug intoxication by children

Drug intoxication by children is one of the most common domestic accidents: Despite the necessary precautions, it can happen that the medicines boxes are within the reach of children and the pills or drug tablets can be exchanged by the children themselves for candies as well as syrups or mouthwashes may seem like sweet drinks.

These reasons alone largely justify to use the child resistant box for selling medicines and drugs. The reference standards for certifying the effectiveness of pharmaceutical packaging for the protection of children for Europe is BS EN ISO 8317 and for the USA is 16 CFR 1700.20. IGBressan respects and certifies its packaging according the current regulations.

Child Resistant Folding Box: A simple and effective solution to prevent ​Children's ​Intoxication from drugs

Drug poisoning is one of the most common accidents among children because drugs are often within their reach and because the youngest are attracted by colorful pills that look like candies and by the sweet taste of syrups.

This causes many serious injuries everyday in the world.

Keeping children away from dangerous substances and using child resistant folding boxes for medicines is the key to preventing accidents.

BS EN ISO 8317 for Europe and 16 CFR 1700.20 for the US certify the effectiveness of child resistant packaging.

The Child Resistant Packaging by IGB: an Easy and Effective Solution for all Pharmaceutical Products

IGB’s Research & Development team has developed and mass-produced an innovative child resistant folding box that looks like a regular folding box, equipped with a locking system. The box comes with a lock and a key. If the key is lost, the child-resistant folding box can be easily opened by adults with everyday objects like a pen cap. Children under five are not able to do that.

Certified Packaging: Resistant to Children, Easy for Elders

Once the key is removed, the box can be relocked just by closing it like a standard box.

The unique feature of IGB child resistant folding box is its key. Without the key, neither an adult nor a child are able to access the content without destroying the packaging. However, children won’t be able to do that as IGB child resistant folding box i’s made of a tear-resistant cardboard that children cannot rip-open.

The innovative opening and closing system makes the IGB child resistant folding box also easy to open for elder people.

IGB Child Resistant Folding Box:

  • Comes with a key
  • Is made of a tear-resistant cardboard that children cannot rip-open
  • Relocks automatically when closed
  • Can easily be opened by adults and elders

Avalaible Versions

IGB child resistant cartons are available in different sizes and with blisters. IGB can develop custom made boxes to address specific needs.

Easy Packaging

The IGB Child Resistant Folding Box brings many advantages to the production process:

  • Has been designed to be mass packaged on standard pharmaceutical packaging lines
  • Does not require investments in special equipment
  • Does not require changes or updates to the packaging process
  • Does not require special components, like plastic shells or trays
  • Does not slow down the packaging process
  • Is also suitable for manual packaging

Strictly Tested

IGB Child Resistant folding box passed strict tests requiring 3 levels of performance:
Children aged 42 to 51 months:

must not be able to open it
must not be able to open it after a demonstration
of adults must be able to open it


IGB Child Resistant folding box is certified as child resistant packaging in:

Social Responsability

IGB Child Resistant folding box:

  • Helps prevent drug poisoning in children
  • Can be FSC and PEFC certified