Oscar della Stampa 2018.

Igb was awarded as the Best Technology Innovator.

 Oscar della Stampa 

The motivation

Motivazioni Oscar



Pharmintech Award 2016 to Igb Tamper Evident Folding Box

  Pharmintech Award

The motivation

The easiest, most effective and innovative solution in response to directive 2011/62/EU and in compliance with FDA guidelines.
EASY - The packing machineries can close Igb's tamper evident folding box without changing their mechanisms, the use of glue or the aid of labels. Furthermore and above all, it doesn’t reduce the speed of packaging process.
INNOVATIVE - The folding box can be opened only by breaking the seal. Such seal is perceivable to touch also for blind people. Finally, the folding box is realized with just one recyclable material, which can be FSC or PECF branded, so it can be considered, to all intentions and purposes, an environmentally friendly packaging.
EFFECTIVE - The Igb system is integrated within the folding box, it’s inviolable and it doesn’t need other authentications or identifications but the ones provided in directive 2011/62/EU. Moreover, it solves the issues raised by FDA concerning the glue and label solutions



Pharmapack 2015: Innovation Award to Igb Tamper Evident Folding Box

 Pharmapack Award

The Jury said:

“Simple solution, really straightforward and easy to implement” 
“Simple and efficient”