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Special ampoule trays are available for very low temperature (-80°C) such as for vaccine production. The standard cardboard ampoule trays are produced by an automatic machine of great precision and efficiency, designed and built by IGB

IGB have tested special trays, suitable for very low temperatures, down to -80 degrees Celsius or -63 Fahreneit.

These are very common in the manufacturing of vaccines as we all learned about the soon-to-come Covid 19 vaccine.

That’s dedicated to some pharmaceutical products that require controlled temperature all along the supply chain: manufacturing, transportation, storage.

They are made of very special materials and specifically treated to resist very low temperatures: glue and cardboard are dedicated to this function.

They are available in all the shapes and sizes commonly used by the Pharma industry, made to blend seamlessly into the packaging process and they work smoothly with fast-paced automated packaging lines.

They can be custom-designed according to:

  • vials and ampoules size and shape
  • packaging process and lines specifications

The standard IGBressan ampoule tray are made entirely in cardboard: they are safe, ecological and easy to use.
They are made with a distinctive and personalized line that offers the best quality of this innovative
pharmaceutical packaging.
A Particular attention to the environment is highlighted by the absence of materials with a high environmental impact, not only in the finished product, but also in the production process.. In compliance with the ISO 14001 standard for which IGB is certified.
The IGB vial trays are produced by cutting-edge machinery designed by the company itself: it is unique in Italy and among the most advanced in Europe.

The trays are the ideal product for packaging ampoules in the pharmaceutical industry and are available in 4 sizes:

Tray of 10 vials, for 2ml, 5ml and 10ml vials
Tray of 5 vials, for 20 ml vials

The trays are an ideal product for the packaging of vials in the pharmaceutical industry and are available in 4 sizes:

  • 10 ampoule tray, for 2ml, 5ml and 10ml ampoules
  • 5 ampoule tray, for 20ml ampoules

Ampoule tray by IGBressan

Ampoule tray by IGBressan