100% Quality

100% quality is achieved through a network of technologies and quality controls, which work smoothly together: the final result is greater than the sum of the individual parts.

In pre-press, a single server drives all devices both for the realization of previews and for the production of printing molds.
This way, customers are guaranteed that the approved layout is accurately transferred to the press department.
IGB also performs a pixel-to-pixel check of the files sent in by customers.

In the press department, electronic devices check every barcode, graphics and color. The top notch equipment constantly fine-tunes the ink levels and density during production.
With such systems, IGB achieves top printing quality and data security.

In the die-cutting department, electronic cameras guarantee 100% precision cutting.

IGB was the first company to adopt 100% control systems, which automatically discard products that are affected by color, text, layout, barcode or braille text defects.

Before the product is released, it is checked again against defects, such as braille dots inaccuracy.

In every phase of the production process, IGB invests in the best technologies for the quality control of its products.
IGB is certified ISO 9001 and works according to the GMP– Good Manufacturing Practice. The management, inspired by the total quantity approach, designed efficient and slim processes totally in line with the Lean Production’s model.
Therefore: processes, materials, people and technologies are managed to achieve continuous improvement, aiming at the complete satisfaction of client’s needs and requests.

Clients’ trust and peace of mind matters to IGB.

Supply Continuity is fundamental for every company.
For this very reason, inspired by the PDCA approach (Plan – Do – Check – Act), IGB has thoroughly analyzed its Context, Leadership, Planning, Support, Operating Activities, Performance Evaluation, Continuous Improvement and, in 2017, achieved the Business Continuity Management Certificate - ISO 22301.

The result is a proven and Certified Supply Continuity.